How Are the House Rents Like in Hyderabad?

How Are the House Rents Like in Hyderabad? photo 1 Great Option

When looking for a rental property in Hyderabad, the main things to consider are the location, property types, and price range. If you are a single person, it is important to choose a property that is within your budget. If you are a family, it is even more important to find a house close to the school your children attend. The average rent for a two-bedroom flat in Hyderabad is Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000.


If you want to live in an affordable area, you can choose an unfurnished house in Hyderabad. These homes have low rental prices, but they do not come furnished. You can also find an apartment that has no furniture. The cost of unfurnished apartments in Hyderabad is low, and the benefits of living in a city that does not have any furniture are great. Here are a few tips for finding a house rent in Hyderabad.

If you’re looking to save on housing expenses, look for a home that is within 5 km of your workplace. The cost of living in Hyderabad is considerably cheaper than in other major cities in India. This is because most IT companies are clustered within a 10-kilometer radius. In addition, you’ll have much less traffic and less congestion. Therefore, a house rent in Hyderabad is cheaper than in other major cities, and you’ll have fewer hassles with commuting.

If you’re looking to save on housing expenses, consider living in the Old City. Here you’ll find markets, chai stalls, religious sites, and old-world architecture. In the past, the city was ruled by two wealthy Muslim dynasties, the Qutb Shahs and the Asaf Jahs. Now, the city’s technology sector is growing rapidly, and the city is booming.

Property types

If you’re thinking of moving to Hyderabad but don’t want to purchase the property immediately, renting a house may be the best option. Make sure you sign a contract with clauses that make changes easy. For example, if the rules in the locality change, you’ll have to increase your rent. Make sure the lease covers all of these variables. If you’re not sure how to negotiate the rent, here are some tips to help you do it.

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In the top localities of Hyderabad, you’ll be able to choose between independent houses and brokerage houses. You’ll be able to find properties in different sizes and types, including 1, 2, 3, 4 and even 99 BHK homes. In addition to independent houses, you’ll also be able to rent fully-furnished units. Independent houses, on the other hand, are best for those who want a contemporary lifestyle and the ability to walk to nearby hotspots.

Home rents in Hyderabad are lower than in other IT hubs. Although the average cost of living may vary depending on your needs, you should remember that the location of the house is a huge factor when deciding on a monthly budget. Since the majority of IT companies are located in a 10-kilometer radius, you can expect to commute to work in 30 to 45 minutes. If you don’t want to spend more than half of your day driving to the nearest office, opt for a house that’s within five kilometers of the main IT hub.

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Price range

Hyderabad offers a wide range of houses for rent ranging from small, comfortable residences to large, luxurious homes. Most properties are available for rent on a portion basis. Depending on your budget, you can select an apartment from an 80 square yard unit to a 120 square yard, three-bedroom residence. And don’t forget to factor in market price trends. With over 2,000 properties in the city for rent, you’re bound to find a residence that fits your lifestyle and budget.

The most expensive parts of six cities are in the center. The cheapest parts are located in suburbs or wards outside city centers. For example, Mumbai rents are highest in wards A and D, while the least expensive areas are the outskirts of the city. Hyderabad has the cheapest wards, including Nallagandla, Banjara Hills, Narsingi, and Tellapur.

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The best areas in Hyderabad are close to various places and attractions. If you’re looking for a modern lifestyle, independent houses in Hyderabad’s top localities are ideal. You’ll also find many popular hotspots in the city. These are some of the reasons why you should consider renting a house in Hyderabad. You can enjoy the convenience of city living and the affordability of affordable rentals. There are lots of great places to live in Hyderabad.


Despite the ongoing pandemic, the rental housing market in Hyderabad is exhibiting green shoots of recovery. According to an online housing rental site, NoBroker, rents have increased across the major metros in India. This is likely to lead to more rental properties coming on the market. Moreover, as COVID-19 subsides, the rental market is expected to gain more traction. A few key reasons have been cited, including the increased demand for property, which has brought down the cost of renting.

The central region is the most popular area in the city, with most government offices. This area includes Birla Mandir, Abids, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Ameerpet, and Mehdipatnam. In terms of house rents, this area offers a wide range of reasonable prices. It is worth mentioning that the area is more upscale, and you’ll find some of the best pubs and restaurants in Mehdipatnam.

While two-thirds of tenants prefer gated apartment communities, one-third prefer independent houses. Families and bachelors are most likely to opt for a home in a neighbourhood near their office. Hyderabad’s average rent for two and three-bedroom houses ranges from Rs 10,000 to 20,000, and for a four-bedroom property, between Rs 25,000 and 40,000. These rents vary according to location, brand name, and construction quality.

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Transport system

Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) is a suburban rail system in Hyderabad, India. The system was developed in partnership with the government of Andhra Pradesh and South Central Railway and offers first-class commuter travel. The first phase of the MMTS, completed in 2010, is a 43-km system with 27 stations, complementing local trains. However, it still has some challenges to overcome, including synchronising with existing MMTS services.

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Firstly, the existing BRTS system must be expanded to an elevated metro and to a metropolitan transport authority, headed by the chief minister. It is also important to create a separate transport corporation for the city region, separating the APSRTC from the rest of the corporation. In addition to this, a new fleet of BRT model buses should be introduced, and dedicated bus lanes should be installed on the left side of every road. Lastly, zebra crossings should be installed at every intersection, and mandatory pedestrian pathways should be installed on all roads.

While MRTS and MMTS are rail-based systems, bus services will remain a crucial component of the public transport system in Hyderabad. Bus services currently account for 45% of the public transport system in the city. However, the future of the system will depend on the bus services. In fact, the Hon’ble Chief Minister KCR garu has endorsed a revamped public transport system, but the future of the system will depend on this aspect.

Cost of renting a house in hyderabad

The average rent of a 2BHK in Hyderabad is around Rs 10,000. Renting a 3BHK in Hyderabad can be anywhere from Rs 17,000 to 30,000. For families, the rental price varies even more. One of the main factors that determine the rent of a house in Hyderabad is the furnishing of the house. Fully furnished homes will typically cost more than an unfurnished unit. However, if you want to save money, you can always opt for a partially furnished house.

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Renting a house in Hyderabad can be expensive if you want to live in an old-world neighborhood. The city center is largely gentrified, so you can expect to pay more for your house. Renting a special house can set you back INR 1 lakh per month. A Paying Guest (PG) accommodation is another option, which will cost you INR 8000 per month. In comparison, renting an ordinary house in Hyderabad can cost you INR 6,000.

The cost of renting a house in Hyderabad is quite affordable compared to other cities in the country. The city is historically rich, has a vibrant culture, and is one of the oldest areas of the province. Its culture, food, and infrastructure have all contributed to the affordability of renting a house in Hyderabad. With these benefits, renting a house in Hyderabad is a great option for families. So, whether you’re renting a small house or a spacious apartment, a good rental cost will ensure that your family will be comfortable in their new home.

If you are new to the city, and want a comfortable house at reasonable rent, you can choose a residential or gated society. It is important to choose a quiet and peaceful location so you will be comfortable. You can check online rental websites such as NestAway or RentMyStay to find a rental house that is perfect for your budget. Here are some tips on how to find a rental house in Bangalore.

2 BHK house is available for rent in Riches Regal Layout

If you are looking for a property for rent, then this 2 BHK independent house in Riches Regal Layout is ideal for you. This house is available for rent at an attractive monthly rent of Rs 16,500. It has 2 bedrooms with attached western style bathrooms, and is immediately available. The landlord prefers renting the property to a bachelor or a family. The property has all the essential facilities like a gas connection, Cauvery water facility, solar-heated shower, and central air-conditioning.

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This 2 BHK house for rent in Riches Regal Layout is in a location that is easily accessible. It is located in a quiet street and has ample space to park your two-wheeler. It is also close to many schools and IT parks. The landlord is willing to negotiate on the rent price if you can make an offer. You can also send a Whatsapp message to Mr. Harish Kumar, the owner of this property.


If you are searching for a rental house in Bangalore with reasonable rent, then you have come to the right place. The rental houses in Bangalore that are available through RentMyStay are fully furnished and available at a moment’s notice. If you are a bachelor or a young professional, you can find a suitable accommodation for yourself or for a group of friends.

There are various types of residential areas in Bangalore, each with its pros and cons. If you are planning to stay in Bangalore for the long term, you can choose between gated societies and residential areas. In general, gated societies and residential areas are quieter and more peaceful. Apart from being close to the major hotspots of the city, these areas are well-connected with public transport.

RentMyStay is a startup that provides affordable accommodation in Bangalore. The site provides rental houses for single rooms, studio flats, and 1 and 2BHKs. If you are a student, the rent is very affordable, especially if you plan to live with friends or family. It is also possible to save up to 40 percent on rent by renting your house on RentMyStay.

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The app allows you to share your location with other users and chat with flatmates who are looking to rent their houses. This app is a fantastic way to make the difficult rental process a little easier. It can match you with people with similar interests and hobbies. Moreover, you can search for properties by location and habits. But, it is currently only available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

While you are in Bangalore, you should choose a furnished apartment if you are on a tight schedule. These furnished apartments in Bangalore are usually more expensive than unfurnished ones, but they will save you the hassle of moving furniture. Also, the landlord expects you to take care of the furniture. If you are looking for an apartment in Bangalore with reasonable rent, consider renting a furnished apartment. But, be prepared to pay a little bit more because this type of rental house in Bangalore has high-end furniture and will have higher rental rates.

Apart from RentMyStay, there are a few other options as well. Gopalan enterprises is the most renowned real estate company in the city and has been in the business for 30 years. Their Sterling homes offers luxury apartments and villas in Bangalore, with 0% brokerage and 100% genuine owners. Sterling homes also offers packing and moving services and property management in India. In addition, the site allows owners to list their properties for free.


There are many advantages to renting a house in Bangalore. For example, it offers a great nightlife, with its countless lounge bars and pubs. Also, a good location means that you can spend the evenings with friends in a quaint local pub. If you’re looking to rent a house in Bangalore, it’s important to choose a place that’s close enough to the party locations you enjoy. You don’t want to spend the night traveling to get to the nearest party venue, or your friends to cancel on you because of the distance.

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One way to find a place to rent in Bangalore is to use an app such as NestAway. It allows you to view properties in your area and book accommodation instantly. It allows you to share your location, browse the listings, chat with potential flatmates, and store important documents and receipts. You can even book your accommodation within a few taps of your mobile device. However, this app is only functional in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

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