Four of the Best Apartment Rental Websites in Singapore

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There are many different apartment rental websites in Singapore, but these four stand out as the best. These sites allow you to encode the necessary information about your apartment and list all properties in your area. You can even filter your results by highest rent, lowest rent, or promo available. You can even choose a location to stay in to narrow down the options. The best part about these websites is that they’re not limited to Singapore.

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When looking for an apartment for rent in Singapore, there are several different places you can look. You can try Gumtree, a local classifieds website, or Facebook groups. The latter has the best search function, while Gumtree’s categories are less organized. Both sites are largely for renting apartments and feature budget properties. When looking for a rental apartment, you can create a profile, post photos, and find other roommates who are also looking for an apartment. The websites also offer options for searching for properties near MRT stations, childcare centres, and schools.

Singapore serviced apartments are available for rent at all price ranges. There are private-owned apartments in the city centre and in other areas near the waterfront. Both types of apartments have similar standard amenities and prices. New condos in Singapore can cost upwards of $4,500 a month. Meanwhile, 10-year-old condos cost as little as $3000. It all depends on where you want to live and how long you plan to stay in Singapore.

Apartments for rent in Singapore can come in all shapes and sizes. You can find studios in high-rise condos or old-fashioned townhouses. The modern city-state also has many serviced apartments that are fully furnished and come with amenities. If you can’t find an apartment for rent in Singapore that suits your needs, you can try homeaway. It’s also worth checking out if you can find one on a short-term lease.


There are many booking apartment rental websites in Singapore, but one of the most popular is Airbnb. Founded in 2008, Airbnb lists over 5 million lodging listings from one-bedroom to four-bedroom units. The company has a worldwide presence in hotel and lodging services, and has a unique payment system, which allows users to enter a six-digit code when they check in. In addition to offering short-term rentals, Airbnb allows guests to choose from studios, one-bed rooms, and two-bed apartments.

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For short-term rentals in Singapore, Airbnb is a great option. The website offers limitless choices and even provides suggestions for nearby attractions. Booking, on the other hand, is a comprehensive site that also offers short-term housing in Singapore and flight arrangements. Other services offered by Booking include car rental, taxi, and taxi services. There is no doubt that the internet has made short-term housing in Singapore easy and affordable for international travelers.

Another site with a wide range of short-term rental options in Singapore is Nestpick. The website has a large selection of homes and provides an easy way to filter your search. You can find Singapore vacation rentals for backpackers, small groups, and families. Some rental options even offer fully-equipped units, which is ideal for families and backpackers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a short-term stay.

Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is another great choice in short-term rental. This service offers one and two-bedroom serviced apartments and is highly recommended for those on a budget. There are a few conditions, however. You will want to make sure you have at least 6 months to rent the apartment. Usually, the government limits these rentals to 6 months, so you will need to plan accordingly. You can even request for short-term leases from serviced apartments in Singapore, which may be a little more expensive but offer a peace of mind.

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Facebook groups

Unlike other online apartment rental sites, Facebook groups in Singapore are very friendly and convenient to use. They feature listings of apartments, rooms and even sublets, and allow members to communicate with each other. As the 20th smallest country in the world, Singapore is only about 50 km (31 mi) long, 17 km (10 mi) wide, and 27 km (17 mi) from top to bottom. In addition to apartment rental websites, you can find roommates through Facebook groups, too.

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While the Internet is a great place to meet potential tenants, many landlords are largely unaware of social norms and values. The majority of prospective tenants are expatriates, but one estate agent has noticed a rise in the number of people from the LGBTQ community who are looking to rent their apartment. As a result, he created a group on Facebook for tenants of the LGBT community. Since the Facebook group has become popular among young Singaporeans, this agent is seeing a higher number of applications for apartments that are gay-friendly.


The process of renting an apartment or whole unit is the same all over the world. You can filter search results by amenities and see pictures of past reservations. You can even search for units in different locations to find a vacation home that is right for your family. There are even three-month condo rentals if you’re planning a long-term vacation. However, be sure to look at the terms and conditions before booking.

Some advantages of renting an apartment through Airbnb include its ease of use and convenience. You can choose to rent a spacious apartment, a studio or an entire home. All of them have their pros and cons, so make sure to do your research before you make a decision. Most of the apartments are in prime locations close to the main areas, including Clarke Quay and Orchard Road. Many rentals also come with tips and information on how to make the most of your stay.

There are some cons to using an apartment rental website, though. In some places, it’s illegal to use Airbnb. But the government has made this practice more restrictive. In Singapore, the minimum rental period is now three months for non-landed private property, and six months for HDB flats. So, the government’s rules will probably be modified in the near future. In any case, you can’t go wrong with Airbnb. It’s an essential part of the travel experience, and you’ll want to enjoy it! If you’re traveling to Singapore and are considering staying in a hostel, a studio apartment may be the best option.

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The downside of Airbnb is that it isn’t always the best option. While some travelers find it a convenient option, the number of tourists visiting the city can cause many properties to remain vacant. This can negatively impact the rental market for locals. As a result, the cost of renting an apartment on Airbnb can be higher than in other cities. Therefore, if you’re in Singapore and want to rent an apartment, make sure to use a website that has high-quality pictures.

Can you rent an Airbnb for a year, and if so, how long? Most hosts prefer six to twelve months. If you are looking for long-term housing, then an Airbnb might be right for you. It’s important to consider the tax implications and Liability insurance when renting an Airbnb. Read on to learn more. And get started! You’ll be glad you did! Listed below are the main benefits of renting out your home through Airbnb.

Short-term vs long-term rentals

If you’re considering listing your home on Airbnb, you may be wondering which type is best for your home. Generally speaking, short-term rentals are more flexible than long-term rentals. Short-term renters, for example, may decide to furnish their space, while long-term renters may opt to bring their own furniture. If you’re considering this option, you should be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of both.

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Short-term rentals are more expensive than long-term rentals, and the price differences are substantial. However, they’re also much easier to maintain. In addition, they may allow you to leave your property for weekends or earn extra income. Long-term rentals typically go without major problems, but short-term rentals can be prone to property damage. The key is to balance the cost of upkeep against the potential income.

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Long-term rentals on Airbnb are typically better for landlords because they require less maintenance. In contrast, short-term rentals require more upkeep. In addition to ensuring the property is fully stocked, hosts must plan for replacing items as they wear out. They also must pay utility bills every month. In addition, long-term renters usually pay for some utilities and cable TV. Meanwhile, traditional landlords can budget for most ongoing expenses. If you decide to rent out your home on Airbnb, it’s a good idea to update the trip details section.

While short-term stays are less expensive, long-term Airbnb stays offer more predictable income and can help you sustain your business during slow times of the year. These rentals can also lower your marketing costs and minimize your workload. However, long-term rentals also come with a few potential downsides. You should weigh the benefits and disadvantages carefully before deciding which type is best for your property. You should decide what works best for your needs and budget.

Before renting out your property, you should check the lease. Most leases forbid subletting or renting the property for shorter periods of time without the permission of the landlord. The landlord may decide to evict you if you violate the lease. Airbnb also summarizes the legal requirements of 100 cities and provides links to additional information. Your local municipal code may also contain information on the laws and regulations governing short-term rentals.

Liability insurance

If you rent out your home or room on Airbnb, you should consider purchasing liability insurance. This type of insurance covers a host against any loss or damage due to a guest’s negligence or accidental actions. It also protects the homeowner association or landlord if a guest becomes injured or suffers property damage. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing liability insurance. Here are three common cases when you should consider this type of insurance:

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Homeowners insurance can also protect your home while renting out a room on Airbnb. Standard homeowners insurance isn’t designed to protect your property from the risks of business activity, and a home-sharing policy may not be enough. Moreover, your standard homeowners insurance coverage doesn’t cover liability for damages incurred by guests. This may leave you exposed to a number of issues. Liability insurance is essential, but it can be costly.

You can also add a liability endorsement to your homeowner’s insurance. This type of insurance covers damage and liability and can also be added to your homeowners insurance. You’ll need to notify your insurance company as soon as possible if you decide to rent out your home for short-term events. However, you should be aware that some insurers require you to purchase a special endorsement that provides additional protection for your Airbnb guests.

Homeowners insurance is also required by law if you rent out your home through Airbnb. Moreover, the rules on renting out your house on Airbnb vary from one state to another. For example, some jurisdictions don’t allow you to rent out your property if it is unoccupied. For this reason, it’s important to check the rules of your home’s homeowners association before renting your property.

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Your homeowners insurance policy won’t cover any accidents that happen during an Airbnb stay. It may even be void if your Airbnb rental property is sued. However, you’ll still need to purchase a separate policy for Airbnb. Your home insurance provider will be more than happy to help you out if you have any questions. They may even allow you to rent out rooms, but you should make sure to notify them beforehand so that they don’t make an impression that you are not a good landlord.

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It is possible to stay at an Airbnb property for a year, and this new feature allows you to rent it for as long as you like. Flexible renting an Airbnb is a great way to stay in an interesting location while earning extra income. The site also has flexible dates that allow you to search for different lengths of stay, whether you want a weeklong vacation or a month long stay. This feature was first introduced by Airbnb in February, and it has already seen a significant increase in popularity since it was introduced.

While Airbnb long-term renters pay a monthly fee, you will benefit from flexibility. You will not have to worry about the property being vacant for a weekend or holiday. Airbnb hosts will likely charge a fixed monthly fee, but they may offer monthly or weekly discounts. If you plan to stay in the same Airbnb property year after year, be sure to find a host with flexible terms to avoid losing your rental income.

The site is constantly improving to meet the needs of its users. Guests are more interested in longer-term rentals, and travel for family reasons is gaining momentum. As a result, Airbnb has responded to this growing demand by making it easier to search for specific types of accommodations and streamlining the hosting process. The new service will help travelers to find the perfect home, while also offering hosts better support and increased flexibility. You will be glad you found an Airbnb.

Tax implications

The tax ramifications of renting your home to strangers can be complicated. For one, you’ll need to prove that you’re using the rental as a business. That means keeping excellent records and dividing expenses between business and personal expenses. However, there are a few things you can deduct. Landline expenses, your own labor and the cost of improving your rental area aren’t deductible. However, you can depreciate those costs over time.

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The first tax ramification of renting your home to travelers is that you will have to file income taxes in multiple states. Although all states do not have income taxes, many do. If you’re planning to rent your property for a year, you’ll need to file income tax returns in the state where you’re renting it out. You can deduct your property insurance, as long as you use it for business purposes.

Another tax ramification of renting an Airbnb is that it’s different from self-employment taxes. In most cases, renting a room for less than 14 days is exempt from self-employment taxation. As long as the time is less than 14 days per year, you won’t have to report any income to the IRS, and you can deduct your expenses as business-related expenses. Of course, you can take normal property and mortgage tax deductions.

In addition to the tax implications of renting an Airbnb for a year, you must also know how to deduct rental income. The rules for renting a home are complicated. The Internal Revenue Code provides Section 280A, which deals with the treatment of vacation homes and primary residences. There are numerous definitions, designations, and consequences of each one. Listed below are some of the most common tax implications of renting an Airbnb for a year.

Since the sharing economy is a relatively new phenomenon, the tax implications of renting an Airbnb for a year are still relatively unclear. In addition to the limited availability of tax information, the data online is also inaccurate. Big brand tax prep companies often do not have the correct data, so you’ll need to do your own research. It’s also important to keep track of your expenses, such as furnishings and accent pieces.

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