Airbnb Plus is a selection of only the highest quality homes with hosts known for great reviews and attention to detail. Every home is visited in person for a 100+ point quality inspection to ensure your comfort.

These guidelines give direction to our team and partners in communicating and creating assets for Airbnb Plus. The guidelines stem from the Airbnb masterbrand guiding principles and values, while communicating the attributes of our sub-brand.

Care for quality and design is at the heart of our community of hosts and guests. These are people who appreciate attention to detail and know craft when they see it. They identify with Airbnb Plus, and are a new tribe we’re building—a self-selecting audience that is inspired by our aesthetic and seek it out.

See our brand guidleines in action:

Guidelines Design
Creative Director
Lead Creative Producer
Brand Design Lead
Creative Lead, Art
Creative Lead, Copy
Lead Photo Editor
Sadie Williams
Naz Arandi
Victoria Estevez
Rachel Marshall
Parker Grant
Alex Teighi-Walker
Myray Reames
Neil Harris